Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The construction of our first Comfy Cottage

In October 2013, Eby's Pines RV Park started construction of the Comfy Cottage.
Local Amish crafters arrived early in the morning to get this project started
The logs for the comfy cottage were cut right here in our park then sent out to an Amish Mill to be Milled

It sure didn't take long to for the Cottage to start taking shape
By Noon the first day half the walls were up
Watch as the Amish man climbs up the side to place another row of logs
By day two they are ready to construct the rafters and roof
Wanna Sneak Peak inside?
As day 3 began the brick red roof was placed
Here is a peak inside with the roof on
Don't worry there will be walls, in fact, there will actually be 
two bedrooms, a kitchenette, living room and a bathroom
not to mention a private patio and bonfire area.
Here is how it looks after the windows were place and it received it's first coat of sealer.
Completed pics of the inside will follow as we make progress.
The Comfy Cottage will be available to rent starting our 2014 Season

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